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Bandi  Engineering  and  Energy  Consulting 

Latter Day Saints Churches

Sanders Rogers and assocites Architect

Travelling centers throughout Southwestern United States

Calvary Church of Moriarity, New Mexico 

Edward Aragon Architect

General engineering services and clients served

Educational facilities K-12, school modernizations, DSA reviews, universities and technical/vocational schools,  food serving establishments, Healthcare facilities and OSHPD compliances, Clinics and urgent care facilities, office buildings, shopping centers, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, community centers, banks, warehouses, medical office buildings, retail stores, pools, Gym and other sports facilities, laboratories, printing plants, beauty shops, carwash bays, fire stations, campground facilities, tunnels, malls, churches, Laundromats, dry cleaners, franchise restaurants, mausoleums, radio stations, boiler/chiller replacement, banks, multifamily residential buildings, single and multifamily residential developments, student housings, office/warehouses, agricultural facilities, Auto dealerships and maintenance facilities, clean rooms and parking structures.

Clients;  Architects and developers, school Districts (SAUSD, BHUSD, LBUSD, CUSD, PUSD, LAUSD, PVPUSD, SDUSD), County Governments (Orange, LA, San Diego, San Bernardino), City and state agencies, Disneyland Resorts, JP Morgan Chase Bank, UCLA, Aerospace industry, Applied Medical,  City and state agencies, Army Corp of Engineers, US postal Services, National Laboratories, National Park Services, U.S. Air Force,  Credit Unions, Bureau of Indian Affairs.

9500 sf 7th Day Adventist Catholic Church 

Roger Cinelli Architect