Renovation of Santa Maria Town Center, California

Coronado Mall Center

conversion of Macy's store to Dick's Sporting Goods and KERI Sports

Several additions and TI for UNM childerens hosoital

Engineering services were provided provided for the following school districts directly or or as a consultant to other architectural firms.

 Cypress Unified School District, Long Beach USD, LAUSD,Horace Mann Elementary School, $24 million Construction, Beverly Hills, Capistrano USD.

Office Buildings,

AAA call center, 30,000 sf Valencia California VAV System

Mark IV, 30000 sf two story, VAV, HW reheat, subterranean parking, LEED Gold, Newport Beach,
San Juan Capistrano Medical Office Building, 23000 sf two story, VRF, shell and core, LEDD silver
Anza Indian Health Clinic, 6000 sf HVAC/plumbing in Riverside, renovation.
LA Job Corp 22,000 sf office addition. City of Los Angles.
20,000 sf two story administration building for Applied Medical,

We have completed over 1300 major projects since 1989. Mr. Bandi the principal of the firm has  Managed and supervised Staff for engineering, design, CAD and administrative support.

Systems designed; VAV with hot water reheat coils, fan coils, VVT, VRF, constant volume systems with by-pass dampers, chilled water/DX/evaporative/chilled beam cooling systems, hot water baseboard and under floor radiant heating, water source heat pumps, rooftop package units, indoor/outdoor built up AHUs, custom built AHUs, smoke removal systems, kitchen ventilation,

Loreto Inn, Santa Fe, NM

Azalea Shopping Center Southgate, California

US Postal Services 15 locations .

Orange County Mental Health Campus in Orange

Completed in 2012

Banks and other financial institutions


  • Casa De Amor4:52

Rio Rancho High School

Melloy Dodge

Fast Food Restaurants

Partial list of Projects completed as Bandi Engineering Company Inc. Since 1989                                                                    Schools                                                                     Client

1-Add'ns to Central School dist. $2M Kirtland NM.                Mimbres Architects          
2- Ojo Calliente Elementary School, $1.2 Million.                  Mimbres Architects
3-Add'ns to Espanola high school. $900K const.                  Mimbres Architects
4-Northern NM Comm. College PE Complex Add'n.              Mimbres Architects
5-Racquet Ball Courts Add'n to NNM Comm. College.           Mimbres Architects
6-Cobre School Dist. Woodshop Addition. Bayard, NM.         Mimbres Architects
7-Cobre School Dist. Welding Shop Addition Bayard NM        Mimbres Architects
8-Cobre High School completely new Heating system.           Mimbres Architects
9-APS Harrison Elementary Schools, $700,000.                     Mimbres Architects
10-New Questa High School, $9,000,000 Construction.           Mimbres Architects
11-La Merced Elem. School, $2.2 Million. Belen, NM               Mimbres Architects
12-8000 sf addition to La Merced Elementary School                Mimbres Architects
13-APS Polk Elementary School Science Lab Addition.            Mimbres Architects
14-Renov. Of Woodshop at Crown point Middle School.            Eastern Navajo Agency
15-APS School on Wheels renovations                                    Sanders Rogers Architects
16-APS Armijo elementary school classroom additions             Sanders Rogers Architects
17-APS Alamosa elementary school renovations.                     Sanders Rogers Architects
18-APS Atrisco elementary school mini gym addition.               Sanders Rogers Architects
19-APS Grant and Comanche Elementary                                Ernest Ulibarri and ssociates
20-APS Bandeliar Elementary School Additions                       Barker MacFarlane Architects
21-APS Mark Twain Elementary School, Mini Gym                   Harberts & Levine Architects
22-Espanola Middle School HVAC renovations                         Espanola Valley Schools District
23-Mentmore Elementary School Renovations Phase I & II       Nims Calvani Architects
24-Thoreau Middle School                                                      Nims Calvani Architects
25-Ramah Middle Schools                                                      Nims Calvani Architects
26-Head Start, Rehab center                                                    RMKM Architecture
27-APS Sierra Vista school Renovations                                  Harberts Levine Architects
28-St Mary’s School for blind                                                   Ernest Ulibarri & Associates
29-Rio Grande High School Re Roofing                                      Sanders Rogers Architects
30-Rio Rancho High School campus $12M funded by Intel Corp.  Hume & Associates
31-Lloyd Shaw Dance Center                                                     Lloyd Shaw
APS: Albuquerque Public Schools
               Office Buildings                                                              Client                                                   

1-Summit Electric Office Bldg. 52,000 sf, Albuq.                   Sanders Rogers Architects
2-State Farm Service Center Office Bldg. Santa Fe               Sanders Rogers Architects
3-Western Mobile Dispatch Office Addition. Albuq.                Sanders Rogers Architects
4-Fred Luna (Belen State Office) Building, 8400 sf.               Harberts & Levine Architects
5-San Miguel County Courthouse Renov. Las Vegas NM       Mimbres Architect
6-4500 sf office space, Terranomic Management Albuq.        Ernest Ulibarri and Associates
7-Executrain Networking Training 2300 sf. Albuq.                  Ernest Ulibarri and Associates
8-"All Indian Housing Authorities" 6200 sf Office.                   BDA Architecture, Albuquerque
9-Gallup AT & SF office building, 4200 sf.                             Wilson and Company, Albuquerque
10-Villagra Office Bldg HVAC Renov. Santa Fe.                     State of NM, GSA, Property Control Division
11-Manuel Lujan Office Bldg. Mechanical Renovations           State of New Mexico, Property Control Division
12-Plaza Maya Office Bldg. HVAC Renovations, Albuq           Plaza National Bank, Albuquerque
13-2000 sf Addition to Clint Sherril Engineering                       Miller & Associates
14-Whirly's Office Building, 4000 sf Albuquerque                     Miller & Associates
15-BDM Office Building mechanical renovations, Albuq.           Big J Enterprises/Sanders Rogers Architects
16-AFC-6 Uptown Albuquerque, 9000 sf office building             MW Architects
17-Addit'n to Rocky Mountain Bank, Data Co.                          Design Collaborative Southwest
18-Summit Office Building, 32000 sf                                       Sanders Rogers Architects
19-Los Lunas Professional Office Building                               Advantage Limited, Contractors, Albuq
20-Zamzock's Office                                                              Mark Weaver Architecture
21-Boise Cascade Office Building                                           Cinelli Architects
22-San Antonio Vector Property Services                                Huitt Zollars
23-San Pedro Office Building                                                  Miller and Associates

          Community/Multipurpose Centers                                          Client                                                    

1-Ruidoso Senior Citizens Center, 7000 sf, Ruidoso, NM.         Gamelsky Benton Architects
2-Cloudcroft Community Center, 6000 sf, NM                          Gamelsky Benton Architects
3-Sandia Nature Center                                                         Gamelsky Benton Architects
4-Fogelson Visitors Center 4000 sf. Pecos, New Mexico.        National Park Services
5-Aztec Visitors Center, Aztec, New Mexico.                          Harberts & Levine Architects
6-Red River Community Center 5000 sf                                  Harberts & Levine Architects
7-Chavez County, Roswell Senior Center 14000sf                   Harberts & Levine Architects
8-Canon Community Center, 3500 sf. Canon, NM.                   Mimbres Architect
9-Santa Rosa Community Center, 2200 sf, NM.                      Mimbres Architect
10-Thomas Bell Community Center. City of Albuquerque.        Sanders Rogers Architects
11-Los Duranes Community Center, 2700 sf addition.             Sanders Rogers Architects
12-Jeanne Bellamah Community Center, 1800 sf addition.      Sanders Rogers Architects
13-Holiday shelter Center                                                     Sanders Rogers Architects
14-Raton Youth Center, 4000 sf, Raton, New Mexico.            Siegel Design Group
15-Chapter House, $3.5 Million, Nenahzeda, NM                   Leon Shirley Architect
16-Del Cerro Comm. Cr. 7000 sf, Anthony, NM                     Wilson And Company
17-Holistic Center HVAC Renovation, Piccuri, NM                 DCPA Architects and Planners
18-Bernalillo Senior Center, Bernalillo, NM                            Isaac Benton
19-Family Visitation Center                                                  Nims Calvani Architects
20-Blue Water Community Center                                        Wilson & Company
21-VFW 8400 sf                                                                 Miller & Associates

                     Healthcare Facilities                                                   Client                                                   

1-Family Hearing Center Clinic. Albuquerque.                           Sanders Rogers Architects
2- Dr. Meckler Dentist Office                                                   Sanders Rogers Architects
3-Dr. Chandler Clinic, 2300 sf, Santa Fe, New Mexico.              MW Architects
4-Dr. Riverra Dental Clinic.                                                      MW Architects
5-New Mexico Physical Therapy. Albuquerque.                         MW Architects
6-Bernalillo County Family Health Cr. 6200 sf. Albuq.                 BDA Architecture
7-Esponola Medical Office Building, Espanola, 4200 sf.              BDA Architecture
8-Dr. Kozzal Family Clinic, Cuba, New Mexico, 3200 sf.             BDA Architecture
9-Petworks Veterinary Hospital, Kansas City, 3450 sf.               BDA Architecture
10-Park Hampden Vet. Clinic, Denver Co. 4000 sf.                    BDA Architecture
11-Lovelace Healthcare Center 4200 sf.                                   Mimbres Architects
12-Bueno Vista Nursing Home, 16000 sf, Clovis, NM.               Duty Germanas Architects, Santa Fe
13-Eastern NM University Hospital, Roswell, NM                      Flatow Moore Shaffer McCabe
14-Memorial Medical Center, Las Cruces                                 Flatow Moore Shaffer McCabe
15-Dr. Vasilion clinic, 3000 sf addition. Albuquerque.                Miller & Associates
16-Dr. Joan Allen Dentist Office 2500sf                                   Barker MacFarlane Architects
17-Dr. Jollyn Galvyn Dentist office 3600sf                               Harberts & Levine Architects
18-6000 sf Dr. Pitts clinic, Gallup                                            Harberts & Levine Architects
19-IHS, 6000 sf clinic                                                            Earl Hilchey, Architect
20-Dr. Neugent Optometry, 3000 sf, Albuquerque                     Design Collaborative Southwest
21-12000 sf, NM Sports and Physical Therapy, Santa Fe          Lengyel and Associates. Santa Fe
22-Lovelace Health Business Bldg.                                          Mechanical Concept/Greg Hicks
23-Vision Eyes, One Park Square                                            Ernest Ulibarri and Associates
24-Additions to Kerry Tingley Hospital                                      BPLW
25-Los Lunas Physical Therapy, Los Lunas, NM                       Mark Weaver Architects
26-Taos Clinic                                                                        RMKM Architecture
27-Dr Goodwin   4300 sf                                                          Wayne Usiak & Associates
28-Presbyterian Hospital Library Addition                                  RMKM Architecture
29-4000 sf professional Medical Office Building HVAC               Mechanical Concept
30-University of New Mexico-Hospital Addition/renovations        Jon Anderson Architect
31-Perfect Teeth Albuq, NM                                                    Ernest Ulibarri & Associates
32-Tingley Children's Hospital Addition/renovations                  BPLW Architects
33-Dr. Pitt-Office Building Albuq, NM                                       Dr. Pitt
34-Magdelena Clinic, NM                                                        Rhode May Keller McNamara Architecture

          Restaurants/Bars/Casinos                                                         Client                                                         
1-Brewster's Bar on Central, 2800 sf, Albuq.                       Sanders Rogers Architects
2-Wolfe's Bagel on Lomas, Restaurant, 4000 sf.                 Sanders Rogers Architects
3-Wolfe's Bagel Rest. Montgomery Crossing, 4000 sf.        Sanders Rogers Architects
4-Westside Wolfe's Bagel, 5000 sf                                    Sanders Rogers and Architects
5-4200 sf Rio Rancho Restaurant                                      Masterworks Architects
6-Japanese Kitchen Restaurant. Albuquerque.                    Design Collaborative Southwest
7-Colorado Branch Casino, 10000 sf, Cripple Creek, CO.     Jones/Dernbach Arch. Woodland Park, CO
8-Bronco Billy's Casino, 14000 sf, Black Hawk, CO.           Jones Dernbach Arch. Woodland Park, CO
9-Golden Horse Shoe Casino, 14000 sf, Central City, CO    Jones Dernbach Arch. Woodland Park, CO
10-Hooters Restaurant. Albuquerque, New Mexico.             Smith Arch. Group. N. Carolina
11-Hooters Restaurant. Irvine, California.                           Smith Arch. Group. N. Carolina
12-Ta Lin Restaurant/Grocery Store. Albuquerque.              Godkin Environmental Group
13-4th Street Cafe, 6500 sf, Albuquerque.                          S & J Construction Enterprises
14-Prarie Star Restaurant 3000 sf addition. Bernalillo          Amity Corporation
15-Range restaurant, Bernalillo 7000 sf                              Amity Corporation/MW Architects
16-New Mexico Coffee roasting/distribution. 6000 sf            MW Architects
17-Additions to JB's restaurant, 1200 sf, Santa Fe.             Gamelsky Benton Architects
18-UNM Student Union Renovations/Additions.                   Gamelsky Benton Architects
19-Bravo Restaurant, Taos.                                              Gamelsky Benton Architects
20-Yanni's Restaurant HVAC Renovations                          Nick Kapnison (owner)
21-Tastee Freeze, Paradise Hills                                       George Rainhart
22-Teriyaki Bowl, Old Town                                               George Rainhart
23-Burger King, Los Lunas                                                Nims Calvani
24-Sonics Restaurant                                                       Miller and Associates
25-Casa de Benavidez restaurant Addition                         Joseph Simon architect
26-Taco Bell on Academy                                                 Rick Bennett architect
27-Garduno's, Westside Location, Albuquerque                 George Rainhart
28-Burger King, Rio Rancho                                              George Rainhart
29-Bally's, Tucson, AZ                                                     Paul Berger & Associates
30-Bally's, Chandler, AZ                                                   Paul Berger & Associates
31-Denny's restaurant                                                       Miller and Associates
32-Burger King, Albuquerque                                             Nims Calvani & Associates
33-Pat Riley Restaurant                                                   Carrillo Simons Architecture
34-Marriot, Renovations Albuquerque                                 Kevin Juno
35-Perrera's Restaurant                                                    Jim Green Architect
36-Burger King, Clovis, NM                                               Kevin Juno
37-Terriyaki Queen                                                           Kevin Juno
38- Pars Cuisine                                                              Roger Cinelli
39-Burger King, Heppori, TX                                             Kevin Juno
40-Yen Cheng Restaurant                                                 Jack Harris Architect
41-Taco Bell/Pizza Hut San Mateo                                    Rick Bennett Architects
42-Perrinials        Restaurant, 6000 sf                               Ron Harris/DCSW
43-Starbuck's Coffee, Paseo Del Norte/Ventura                JLS
44-Starbuck's Coffee, Golf Course Rd/Petroglyph Plaza    JLS
45-Starbuck's Coffee, Hyatt Regency, Albuquerque           JLS
46-Starbucks Coffee, Las Alamos                                     JLS Architects
47-Barvarian Lager Cellar                                                  Mark Origlio Construction
48-Easy Riders Cafe                                                        Phillip Sterling

             Travel Centers                                                                      Client

1-San Felipe Travel Center, San Felipe, NM                       George Rainhart
2-Santa Ana Travel Center                                                Wilson & Company

          Automotive Services Facilities                                          Client                   

1-Vail of Wash, Two (2) six bay carwashes, Albuquerque.     Mimbres Architects
2-Vail of Wash, Two (2) six bay carwashes, Aurora, Co.        Mimbres Architects
3-Cibola County Road Maintenance Shop, Grants, NM.         Gamelsky Benton Architects
4-Melloy Dodge, 34000 sf showroom, service, body shop       Miller & Associates
5-4000 sf office/showroom addition Melloy Jaguar.                 Miller & Associates
6-Barnes Automotive, 6 bays, office, storage, Albuquerque.    Miller & Associates
7-Classic Auto Service Center, $1 Million. Denver, CO.          Jones Dernbach Architect, Woodland Park, CO
8-Brakeemasters,                                                                BPLW    
9-Eagle's Nest Auto Shop                                                     Wilson & Company
10-Squeeky Clean  caewash                                                 DCSW    
11-Super Wash, Gallup                                                         Jack Harris Architect
12-Brake Masters                                                                 BPLW
13-Melloy Dodge, Westside                                                   Miller & Associates

Industrial/Manufacturing Plants/Warehouses                            Client           

1-City of Roswell Water and Sewer Treatment Lab.               Wilson and Company
2-Holloman AFB Pump house HVAC and Ventilation            Wilson And Company
3-Koch Asphalt Plant, Albuquerque                                     Wilson and Company
4-Air Quality Bureau, laboratory modifications & renov.         State of NM, Prop. Control Div. 
5-New Western Mobile Concrete Batch'g Plant $2mill.           Sanders Rogers Architects
6-SNL 8000 sf Laboratory additions, BDM Bldg. Albuq.         Sanders Rogers Architects
7-14000 sf water treatment facility, GE corporation               Sanders Rogers Architects
8-Western mobile Testing Lab, 2400 sf                                Sanders Rogers Architects
9-Western Mobile Rio Rancho plant Control Room                 Sanders Rogers Architects
10-Western Mobile Asphalt Dispatch Office Addt'n.               Sanders Rogers Architects
10-Hussman Steel Warehouse/Office, Albuquerque.              Sanders Rogers Architects
12-Snap-On Tool Warehouse/Office                                     Sanders Rogers Architects
13-Continental Machining aircraft part manufact'g, Albuq.       Harberts & Levine Architects
14-22000 sf training center for Gardner Zemski contr.            Harberts & Levine Architects
15-Primary Power Distribution Crownpoint Schools.               Eastern Navajo Agency
16-Woodshops and Welding Shops.                                     Mimbres Architects
17-Graphic Plastics manufacturing/warehouse                     Design Collaborative Southwest
18-Clover Club Potato Chips warehouse renov. Albuq.          Siegel Design Group
19-27000 sf wood and cabinet manufactur'g plant.                Martha Papadopolous Architect
20-Paper Craft warehouse/office                                         Nims Calvani Architects
21-35000 sf BDC Door Company, Warehouse/Showroom      Miller & Associates
22-Ellen Equipment 17000 sf, Albuquerque                          Miller & Associates
23-Sign Art Warehouse/Office 30,000 sf                              Miller & Associates
24-Albuquerque Caisson warehouse/office                           Masterworks Architects
25-Furr's Warehouse, Albuquerque                                    George Rainhart
26-Santa Fe Warehouse/Office                                           Miller & Associates
27-Rust Tractor Warehouse                                                BPLW
28-Western Mobile Cement/Concrete Batching Plant, Alb.    Sanders Rogers & Associates
29-Santa Fe Office/Warehouse                                           Miller & Associates
30-Hap/Crawford Warehouse                                               Miller & Associates
31-Windsor Door                                                                Miller & Associates
32-Sign Art                                                                        Miller & Associates
33-Pat's Door                                                                   Miller & Associates
34-Albuquerque Tortilla Factory, food processing plant           Miller & Associates
35-Coronado Storage                                                           Miller & Associates
36-Baker's Construction                                                     Miller & Associates
37-GCA Testing Lab                                                            Miller & Associates
38-Busch Rental                                                                 Miller & Associates
39-CVI Laboratory                                                               Miller & Associates
40-Waste Transfer Station Facility                                        Wilson & Company
41-Waycor concrete Batch Plant                                           George Rainhart
42-Adobe Masters, Adobe Block Manufacturing Plant             Miller & Associates
43-Silicon Graphics, production Facility                                 Ernest Ulibarri & Associates
44-Envirco, Clean Room Fan Filter Manfg                              DCSW
45-Southwest & Northwest Airlines Terminal Expansion      DCSW
46-Albuquerque Caison                                                        Frank-Schultz Design Builder

                 Government                                                                       Client

1-INS tenant improvement 1700 sf                                        DCSW
2-Burea of Indian Affairs Office Building                                DCSW
3-County Assessors Office renovations                                 Sanders Rogers & Associates
4-Egles Nest Patrol Yard 3600 sf Office Building                    Wilson & Co
5-Raton Patrol Yard 3600 sf Office Building                           Wilson & Co

           Recreational/Sports Facilities                                                        Client                                                          
1-Cannon AFB Golf Course Expansion, Clovis, NM.             KVG Architects, Fort Worth, Texas
2-Northern NM Comm. College Gymnasium, Espanola.         Mimbres Architects
3-Espanola High School Weight room/Shower Add'n.            Mimbres Architects
4-Defined Fitness on San Mateo, pool, full facility.                JLS
5-Pojuaque Rec Cr Pool                                                      George Rainhart
6-Pojuaque Rec Cr. Racquet ball Court addition                     George Rainhart
7-Millan Recreation & Maintenance Building                          Wilson & Company
8-Nob Hill Fitness Center                                                     DCSW Architects
9-Bally's Fitness Center                                                     George Rainhart

                       Retail Space                                                             Client       

1-Thunderbird Jewelry Retail, 20,000 sf, Gallup, NM.             Harberts & Levine Architects
2-Thunderbird Jewelry Retail/Warehouse 12000 sf.                Harberts & Levine Architects
3-Universal Fine Jewelers, Albuquerque Airport.                    Rick Bennet Architect
4-Universal Fine Jewelers 8000 sf, Albuquerque.                   Rick Bennet Architect
5-11000 sf addition to TJ Max store, Albuquerque.                 MW Architect
6-8000 sf Checker Auto Parts, Albuquerque.                          MW Architect
7-12000 sf Retail in Fox Plaza Shopping Center Albuq.           MW Architect
8-14000 sf Super Value food and grocery, Bernalillo.              Mimbres Architect
9-Page 1 store, Albuquerque.                                               Carlson Heating and Air Conditioning
10-Jerry's Pets, Coronado mall, Albuquerque.                        Perfect Pet Corporation, Las Cruces
11-9000 SF Laundromat and Dry Cleaner, 4 hills village          Design Collaborative Southwest
12-Flavors Ice Cream, three (3) sites 4000 sf                         Design Collaborative Southwest
18-Duds & Suds, 9000 sf Laund/Dry Clean'g in 4 Hills             Design Collaborative Southwest
19-Sycamore Plaza Shell Design HVAC/Plumbing                  Design Collaborative Southwest
20-Devargas Mall Renovations                                              Ernest Ulibarri and Associates
21-30000 sf Ross store, Santa Fe                                         Ernest Ulibarri and Associates
22-12000 sf retail space complete system in Winrock Mall      Ernest Ulibarri and Associates
23-Cottonwood Mall Earth Shoes, 1500 sf                              Miller & Associates
24-6000 sf shopping strip, Albuquerque                                  Miller & Associates
25-Armand Ortega's jewelry 4200sf Addition, Gallup                Jack Harris Architects
26-Cottonwood Mall Cellular Depot, 1200 sf                           MAC Construction
27-Furr's #952, El Paso, Texas                                             George Rainhart
28-Furr's Kenworthy                                                            George Rainhart
29-Furr's Menaul/Wyoming, Albuquerque                              George Rainhart
30-Furr's Paseo Del Norte/Golf Course, Albuquerque           George Rainhart
31-Furr's Paseo Del Norte/Ventura, Albuquerque                  George Rainhart
32-Furr's Hiway 528-44, Rio Rancho                                     George Rainhart
33-Furr's 4th St/Griego's, Albuquerque                                George Rainhart
34-Furr's, Farmington                                                          George Rainhart
35-Express Lube (Texeco)                                                    George Rainhart
36-Office Max, Las Cruces                                                   George Rainhart
37-Office Max, Roswell                                                        George Rainhart
38-Fox Plaza Remodel                                                         George Rainhart               
39-David's Bridal, Albuqerque                                              George Rainhart
40-Linen & Things, Midland, TX                                            George Rainhart
41-Linen & Things, El Paso, TX                                           George Rainhart
42-Staples, Hobbs, NM                                                        George Rainhart
43-Staples, Missouri                                                            George Rainhart
44-Staples, Los Lunas                                                          George Rainhart
45-Pojuaque Supermarket                                                    George Rainhart
46-New Mexico Pet Supply & Royal                                      Nims Calvani Architects
47-Fitness Superstore                                                          Mark Weaver Architecture
48-Los Alamos Food Mart                                                    Jack Logan
49-Mattress Firm                                                                 George Rainhart
50-Carpet Max, Cottonwood Corners                                     George Rainhart
51-Carpet Max, San Antonio, TX                                           George Rainhart
52-Carpet Max on Tramway                                                  George Rainhart
53-Carpet Max in American Square                                       George Rainhart
54-Valley Furniture Warehouse                                             BGK Asset Management
55-Video Update                                                                  Lon Caster
56-JC Penney                                                                     George Rainhart & Associates
57-Bernina/David=s Bridal, Albq                                           George Rainhart
58-Studio One                                                                     DCSW
59-Sandia Real Estate Roofing                                             Sanders Rogers Architects
60-Linen n Things-Odessa/Texas                                          Rainhart and Associates

            Service Stations                                                                Client                                               

1-Chevron Gas Station, Rio Rancho, NM                               George Rainhart
2-Texaco, Cottonwood, AZ                                                   Contractors Drafting Services
3-Chevron/McDonald's, Osuna/Jefferson, Albuq                    JLS
4-Express Gas, Gallup, NM                                                 Jack Harris Architect

     Financial Institutes                                                                Client                                                

1-NM Educators CU                                                         BPLW
2-Chavez County Credit                                                   Kevin Juno
3-Charter Bank                                                                Lon Caster
4-Norwest Bank, Grants                                                   Kevin Juno
5-High Desert State Bank                                                 George Rainhart

   Animal/Veterinary Clinics                                                      Client                                                  

1-Woodland Animal Hospital                                             Wayne Usiak
2-Wingate Vet Clinic, Denver, CO                                     George Rainhart
3-Dessert Inn Animal Hospital                                           Wayne Usiak & Associates
4-Aztec Vet Clinic                                                            Lon Caster
5-Laytonsville Veterinary Clinic                                          Wayne Usiak & Associates
6-San Juan Veterinary Clinic, Nevada                                George Rainhart

         Walgreens stores and Locations                                        Client                                      

1-Walgreens in Enchanted Hills, Rio Rancho                           George Rainhart
2-Walgreens, Espanola, NM                                                  George Rainhart
3-Walgreens, Gilbert/Guadelupe, Tuscon, AZ                         George Rainhart
4-Walgreens, Cortero/Silver, Phoenix, AZ                              George Rainhart
5-Walgreens, Illinois/Andrew, Phoenix, AZ                             George Rainhart
6-Walgreens in Paradise Hills, Albuquerque                           George Rainhart
7-Walgreens, Wyoming/Montgomery, Albuqerque,                  George Rainhart
8-Walgreens, Zia/St. Frances, Scottsdale, AZ                        George Rainhart
9-Walgreens, Alameda, El Paso, TX                                      George Rainhart
10-Walgreens, 19th/Bethany, Phoenix, AZ                             George Rainhart
11-Walgreens, 35th/Deer Valley, Phoenix, AZ                        George Rainhart
12-Walgreens, Roswel, NM                                                   George Rainhart
13-Walgreens, Hiway 528/Southern, Rio Rancho, NM              George Rainhart
14-Walgreens, Villa Linda/Frank Lloyd Wright, Mesa, AZ         George Rainhart
15-Walgreens, Indian School/Tramway, Albuquerque, AZ         George Rainhart
16-Walgreens, Main/Greenfield, Mesa, AZ                              George Rainhart
17-Walgreens, Coors/Montano, Albuquerque, AZ                     George Rainhart
18-Walgreens, Lomas/Carlisle,  Albuquerque, AZ                     George Rainhart
19-Walgreens, Main & 19th Roswell, NM                                 George Rainhart
20-Walgreens, San Pedro/Menual, Albuquerque, NM                George Rainhart
21-Walgreens, Lee Trevino & Trawood, El Paso, TX                George Rainhart
22-Walgreens, G. Dieter & Pebble Hills, El Paso  TX               George Rainhart
23-Walgreens, Highway 47 &, Los Lunas, NM                         George Rainhart
24-Walgreens, Geronimo & I-10, El Paso, TX                          George Rainhart

         Institutional Facilities                                                             Client   

1-New Beginning, $2, 400, 00, 48 bed Alcoholic Rehab.              Mimbres Architects
2-Rio Arriba County Jail, 18,000 sf, Tierra Amaria, NM.              Mimbres Architects
3-Southern NM Correctional Facility, Las Cruces, NM                Nims Calvani Architects
4-Central NM Correctional Facility,  Sandoval County, NM          Nims Calvani Architects
5-Penitentiary of NM state Cell Hardening                                 Nims Calvani Architects
6-NMHD                                                                                 Wilson & Co.
7-Eddy County Detention Center                                               Nims Calvani Architects
8-Aspen Alternative                                                                 BPLW
9-Chapterhouse Additions, Nenahzeda, NM                               Leon Shirley Architect
10-Joy  Center      Transitional Housing, Albuqerque                   Harberts Levine Architects
11-Substance Abuse Center, Dulce, NM                                    La Resolana Architects                                    
12-Lordsberg High Field House                                                 Nims Calvani Architects
13-Villa Santa Maria, Rehab center, 26800 sf                             RMKM Architecture

         Fire Stations                                                                                  Client                 


1-Fire Station, City of Aztec. Aztec, New Mexico.                      Harberts & Levine Architect
2-City of Albuquerque, Fire Station #7, 4800 sf.                          BDA Architecture
3-Fire Station # 6 & 11 Albuquerque                                          Harberts & Levine Architects                         

United States Post Offices                                                                      Client                                      

1-Ruidoso Post Office       NM                                                  Design Collaborative Southwest
2-Sunland Park Post Office NM                                                Design Collaborative Southwest
3-Clovis Post Office NM                                                           Design Collaborative Southwest
4-Albuquerque Main Post Office Addition/Renovation                  Design Collaborative Southwest
5-University Station Post Office Renovation NM                         Design Collaborative Southwest
6-Corrales Center Post Office NM                                              Design Collaborative Southwest
7-Villa Linda Mall Post Office NM                                               Design Collaborative Southwest
8-Devargas Mall Post Office NM                                                Design Collaborative Southwest
9-1st Plaza Post Office      NM                                                  Design Collaborative Southwest
10-Clovis Postal Annex     NM                                                   DCSW
11-Clovis Main Post Office NM                                                  DCSW
12-Roswell Main Post Office NM                                               DCSW
13-New Placitas Post Office, 7455 sf NM                                  Jack Harris Architects
14-New Bernalillo Post Office, 7500 sf        NM                         Jack Harris Architects
15-New Gallup Post Office, 7400 sf    NM                                 Jack Harris Architects
16-Los Cruces Post Office                NM                                  DCSW
17-Ridgefield Post Office                 NM                                   Jack Harris Architects
18-Tomb Stone Post Office, Arizona                                        Jack Harris Architects
19-Manzano Post Office   NM                                                  DCSW
20-Sanders Post Office 4700 sq ft, Arizona                              Jack Harris
21-Lyle Post Office       Washington State                               Jack Harris
22-Mora Post Office   NM                                                       Jack Harris
23-Gallup Post Office Renovations HVAC/Plumbing NM            DCSW
24-Corrales Post Office    NM                                                  DCSW
25-DeVargas Post Office  NM                                                  DCSW
26-Wyoming station Post Office    NM                                     Jack Harris
27-Villa Linda Mall Post Office       NM                                     DCSW
28-Coors & Alameda Post Office    NM                                    DCSW
29-Gallup new Post Office NM                                                Jack Harris Architect
30-Bernalillo Post Office  NM                                                  Jack Harris Architect
31-Placitas Post Office      NM                                               Jack Harris Architect
32-Convention Center Post Office NM                                      DCSW
33-Coronado HVAC Renovations, Santa Fe NM                        DCSW
34-Sunland Park HVAC Renovations, Sunland, NM                   DCSW
35-Bluewater HVAC Renovations  NM                                      DCSW
36-Clovis Main HVAC Renovations & Additions NM                   DCSW    
37-Carlsbad HVAC Renovations & Additions NM                       DCSW
Tenant Improvements                                                                 Client                                                  

1-Smith Barney 9000 sf, Santa Fe.                                          John Briscoe
2-Sutin Thyer Brown 12000 sf, Santa Fe.                                 John Briscoe
3-IBM, 9500 sf, Santa Fe.                                                      Richard Rappuhn
4-Plaza Del Sol, 8000 sf                                                         MW Architects
5-North Point Office Building, 6000 sf. Albuquerque.                 Sanders Rogers Architects
6-Rio Grande Valley Bank Building                                          Sanders Rogers Architects
7-First Financial Building, 5600 sf.                                           Ernest Ulibarri and Associates
8-Santa Fe, Pacific, 40,000 sf, Uptown, Albuquerque.               Ernest Ulibarri and Associates
9-Citicorp office space, One executive Center, 16000 sf            Ernest Ulibarri and Associates
10-Sillicon Graphics, One Park Square, 15000 sf                      Ernest Ulibarri and Associates
11-Newport 5 Building tenant improvements                              Ernest Ulibarri and Associates
12-Springer Building Cooling System Addt'n,                             Ernest Ulibarri and Associates
13-Weymouth Residence 4000 sf                                             RMKM Architecture
14- Museum of Modern Arts, 8000 sf, Roswell, NM                    Aragon Frank Architecture
15-Shops at LaCueva Shopping Cr.                                          George Rainhart
16-Shops at Kenworthy, Tucson, Arizona                                  George Rainhart
17-Cardiac Producer VA  Hospital, Albuquerque, NM                  RMKM Architecture
18-Lobo Canyon Shopping Center, 32000 sf                               West Terra
19-TC Enterprises Office Building,4200 sf                                 Miller and Associates
20-Centex Home Office, 3400 sf                                               ike Roach and Associates
               Housing/Shelter                                                                   Client                          

1-City of Albuquerque, Transitional Housing , 3200 sf.              Gamelsky Benton Architects
2-UNM Medical Center Residents Hall. Albuquerque.                MW Architect
3-65000 sf Combat Operations Complex, Cannon AFB.            Smith Scheuch Engineering
4-Holiday Shelter Center, City of Albuquerque.                         Sanders Rogers Architects
5-Tohatchi Special Ed. & Training Cr. Gallup                           Jack Harris Architects


1-Additions and Renovations to Rio Vista Church, Alb.            Boehning Partnership
2-Additions to Taylor Ranch Church of Latter Day Saint.          Robson and Associates
3-Additions to Rio Rancho Church of Latter Day Saint.            Robson and Associates
4-9500 sf 7th Day Adventist Bilingual Catholic Church             Roger Cinelli Architect
5-First Science Church                                                         Roger Cinelli Architect
6-$3000,000 Church of Latter Day Saint, Los Lunas                Sanders Rogers Architects
7-New Church of Latter Day Saints, LaCueva, Albuq.              Sanders Rogers Architects
8-Church of Latter Day Saints, Ind. School, Albuq.                  LDS, Utah
9-First Baptist Church                                                           Harberts Levine Architects
10-Harvest Chapel Ministries                                                 Cross Road Developers
11-Additions to Presbyterian Church, New Life                        BPLW
12-All Faiths                                                                         Sanders Rogers Architects
13-Our Lady of Perpetual Hope                                              RD Habiger & Associates
14-Cimerron Church                                                              MW Architecture
15-Emmanual Missionary Baptist Church                                Thomas Spikes
16-All Faiths                                                                         Sanders Rogers Architects
17-Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Los Lunas                      Sanders Rogers Architects

                    Hotel/Motel                                                                     Client                                                                   

1-Columbine Inn, 16000 sf, Woodland Park, Co.                      Jones Dernbach Architecture
2-6000 sf Bed and Breakfast, Albuquerque.                            Masterworks Architect
3-Insbruck Lodge, 36 room, restaurant, Taos, NM                   Robson & Associates Architects
              Historical Buildings                                                                Client                                                                   

1-Hot Spring Bath Houses, Rock Springs, Arkansas.                 National Park Services, Santa Fe
2-Museum of International Folk Arts. Santa Fe.                         State of NM, Prop Control Div
3-Fort Stanton Medical Center Renovations, New Mexico.          Harberts & Levine Architects
4-Armory for the Arts Museum, 3300 sf Addtn, Santa Fe.           Harberts & Levine Architects
5-Holistic Center-Addition                                                         DCPA
6-Piccuri Pueblo                                                                      DCPA
7-Sandia Natural Center                                                           Gamelsky Benton Architect
8-Historic Alvarado Transportation Center                                  Gannet Fleming Architects & Engineers


                   Residential                                                                       Client                                                                   

1-Gadnet. Residence, with indoor pool and spa 5200 sf                  Remo Giannini, Albuq, NM
2- 42 Units 3, 2 and 1 bedrooms, clubhouse, Los Alamos               Miller & Associates
3-56 Units  2 and 1 bedrooms, clubhouse, Columbus, NM               Miller & Associates
4-48 Units  2 bedrooms, clubhouse, Central, NM                            Miller & Associates
5-82 Unit Apartments, Silver City                                                  Miller & Associates
6-3000 sf General's Housing, Holloman AFB, NM                           Wilson and Company
7-Lagrima Del Oro Condominiums                                                 BPLW Architects and Engineers
8-Ahepa Apartments, Houston, TX                                                Holcomb Musemeche, Texas
9-Gillet Apartments, Gillette, Wyoming                                          Miller and Associates
10-Cheyenne  Apartments, Cheyenne, Wyoming                            Miller and Associates
11-Santa Clara Apartments, 124 units, Las Alamos NM                  Miller & Associates
Radio Station, KRST, 7200 sf, Albuquerque                                   S & J Construction

Mausoleum, Gate of Heaven, 12000 sf addition, Albuq.                  Design Collaborative Southwest

Dance Studio, Lloyd Shaw Dance Center HVAC Renov.                 Lloyd Shaw Foundation, Dr. Litchman


Phone number and addresses of all clients will be provided upon request


San Juan Capistrano, California

Multifamily Residential Projects:

Garden style, wrap around with multi-level and subterranean parking structure, multilevel podium type with mixed use and commercial spaces. Mid rise and low rise multifamily residential and affordable family housing.

 Playa Vista affordable housing 84 units 4 stories podium, LEED Gold West LA area
Anaheim apartment community 244 units 6 stories wrap, LEED Gold, Anaheim, California
Glendale Veteran’s Village 44 units 4 stories podium, Glendale, California
Fullerton Family housing 94 units, podium with multilevel parking, Fullerton, California
Cevita II apartments, 620 units, garden style, multilevel parking, San Diego, California
Chapman University, student housing 4 story structure, 82 units, Orange, California.
Washington and National apartments in Culver City, 280 units, midrise, multilevel parking,
Yale Street Apartments, Los Angles, 130 units, subterranean parking, Loa Angles, 
Ecena Single Family Housing, 5 models, Palm Spring, California. 
Caroline Servence Manor, low income multifamily, 4 story 118 units apartment complex, LA. 

Chase Banks
23 Chase Bank Projects in Southern California, direct contract with Chase Bank, all MEP upgrades ranging from $74k to $640k in construction cost in Los Angeles, Orange county, San Diego, Chino, Panorama City, Ventura, Canoga Park, Encino, Whittier, Beverly Hills, Torrance, Palm Spring, Culver City, Gardena, Tarzana, Lake Forest, Hemet, Santa Clarita, Tustin, Garden Grove, Anaheim, Montclair, Gardena, La Jolla, San Diego, Burbank, Redondo Beach, Hollywood, Manhattan Beach, Valencia, El Toro.

Nursing Home Facilities
Merced Nursing Home, 46 beds.
Marino Valley Nursing Home 96 bed,
Apple Valley Nursing Home, 126 bed,
Sunrise Senior Center HVAC upgrade, Mission Viejo, California.

Malls/Shopping Center;
Azalea Shopping Center; Southgate, CA, 350,000 sf retail space with 6 majors(including wall mart, Ulta, Ross, Marshalls, Petco, Michael’s) 6 pads(including CVS Pharmacy, vitamin Shoppe, mattress firm, banks) restaurants(panda express, Starbucks, Subway, etc.) located in Southgate, California.
Moulton/La Paz Shopping Center; site improvements and addition of new 24000 sf grocery store(The Fresh Market) and 4 pads 22000 sf. Laguna Niguel, California.
Town Center Mall, additions and renovations of common areas, new movie theatre lobby, Santa Maria, California HVAC upgrade, Santa Maria, California.
Coronado Mall, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Converting 50,000 sf, 3 story Broadway store into two tenants for Gordman’s sports and Dick’s sporting goods retail. SMS Architects, Irvine.

Grocery Store chains;
Trader Joe’s, Rollingwood Texas, 14500 sf, Trader Joe’s, NW Austin Texas, 12500 sf, Trader Joe’s, Austin, Seaholm, Texas12000 sf, Trader Joe’s, Bellevue, Washington, 12500 sf, Trader Joe’s, Bloomington, Minnesota, 12500 sf, Trader Joe’s, Dallas Far North Texas, 12500 sf, Trader Joe’s, Dallas West Texas, 11500 sf, Trader Joe’s, Houston Texas, 14500 sf, Trader Joe’s, Southlake Texas, 14500 sf,
Smart and Final, Chatsworth, CA, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
El Super stores, renovations and additions, 8 stores, throughout Southern California. OA Architect
The Fresh Market, 24000 sf grocery store, Village at Nellie Gale shopping Center, Laguna Niguel. Several Ralph’s grocery renovations and addition in southern California area.

Restaurant chains;
BJs( 7 locations) Lazy Dog ( 3 locations) Elephant bar, TGIF, Bennigan’s, Chili’s, Hooter’s, Dell Taco. Ruby’s, Little Cesar’s Pizza,  Pizza Hutt, Dunkin Donuts, Hooters, Arby’s, Mac Donald’s( 6 locations), Burger King, Carl’s Jr.  Subway, Panda Express, Habits Hamburger, Dell Taco, Smashburger(32 locations) Starbucks(42 locations), Boudin restaurant and bakery (2 locations).

Ross, Marshalls, T J Max, American Apparel, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Zale’s, Gap, Dollar Tree, Ulta, Petco, Michaels, Walgreens(28 locations), Toys R Us. Best Buy, Kohl, Linen and things, Fredrick’s of Hollywood, American Apparel. American Eagle, Home Depot, FedEx stores, cell phone retail stores,

Other Projects,
Larder Café, Beverly Hills, 8500 Burton Way, SMS Architects, Split Heat Pump. 

Taverna Restauranr, Laguna Beach, California. Pacific Rim Architects.
Bakersfield Hospital Chiller Boiler replacement.
Orange County Youth Guidance Center, 5 AHU replacements, HVAC system Code upgrade. OC 
Disney Warehouse office conversion, 22000 sf, AHU VAV HW CHW rezoning, Disneyland Anaheim, CA
Unichem Office Warehouse, 18000 sf new structure, Ontario, California. David Bailey Architect
Big Air Trampoline Park, Lake Forest, 56000 sf indoor children recreational facility, GB Architecture, Irvine
Anza Indian Health Clinic, 6000 sf HVAC/plumbing in Riverside, renovation, Herron Rumansoff Architects.
Chapman College, Film Makers Village, Commissary Building, 26,000 sf, HW, CHW VAV, TSM Architect
Mission San Luis Ray plum’g upgrade, San Juan Capistrano, Architectural Resources, San Francisco.

Auto Dealerships,
Melloy Jaguar Nissan, 18000 sf showroom and offices renovation with all new mechanical systems. Albuquerque, New Mexico, Miller Architects.
Thousand Oak Rolls Royce Bentley, chilled beam system for 22,000 sf showroom, offices and parts storage plus 22 bay service area. Behr Browers Architects.

Alhambra Nissan, 36 bays service area, 4 story parking structure, 16000 sf parts storage, office and showroom. Alhambra, California.
Manhattan Beach Toyota, complete renovation and additions to an existing facility for the showroom and the offices and certification for LEED

silver. Manhattan Beach, California.
Honda of Desert, complete renovation and additions

to an existing facility for the parts storage showroom

and the offices. Palm Spring, California.
Kia of Cerritos, addition of carwash and partial

renovation of the showroom, Cerritos, California.

Kia of Irvine, HVAC system renovations, David Bailey Architect
Hemet Chrysler Jeep Showroom 8 service bay,

Herron Rumansoff Architects, Hemet, California


BJs Restaurants 7 locations 

Over 350,000 sf of retail including pads and restaurants shell and TI MP design. Nadel Architects

Lazy Dog restaurants, 3 locations in California

Additions and Renovations 

Taverna Restaurant, Laguna Beach California

Bandi  Engineering  and  Energy  Consulting